The development roadmap of "Satoshi's Cat" (SCAT) aims for phased strategy implementation, from infrastructure development to ecosystem expansion, ultimately achieving the goal of establishing a comprehensive decentralized digital economy ecosystem that integrates gaming, DeFi, and NFT.

Startup Phase

  • Logo design completed
  • V1 official website launched
  • V1 whitepaper released
  • SCAT token minting completed

Consolidation Phase

  • Conducted Twitter Spaces twice a week
  • Recruited influencer promotion team
  • Complete v2 white paper
  • Complete v2 official website
  • Complete the NFT design
  • Recruit SCAT WeChat promotion team
  • Establishment of a weekly Space planning group
  • Recruitment of a professional team (including graphic design, game production, web development teams)
  • Complete the v2 official website
  • Complete the scat mini-game

Growth Phase

  • Increase in SCAT addresses
  • Increase in SCAT market value
  • Start a mobile SMS marketing plan
  • Complete v3 white paper
  • Complete v3 official website
  • Announcement of NFT and whitelist acquisition methods
  • Launch of the "Spread the Word: I'm a Litter Scooper" mini-game
  • NFT issuance and avatar change event: Initiating the pursuit of blockchain equality for all
  • KOL (Key Opinion Leader) collaboration plan initiated

Development Phase

  • Establishment of SCAT DAO
  • SCAT sightseeing event
  • Super SCAT event
  • SCAT Story
  • SCAT DeFi
  • SCAT GameFi
  • Exploring more possibilities...