The Mysterious Librarian Satoshi and His Cat

There was a mysterious individual who founded a secretive library in the world, unseen by anyone. His name, Satoshi Nakamoto, was only known through the words broadcasted from the library's loudspeakers.

The first group of visitors shared that he hailed from the real world, a place where humanity faced an unprecedented, ultimate crisis. To save his world, he ventured here to gather our spiritual power. In return, he brought with him the currency of the real world—Bitcoin—as a reward for those who contributed their psychic energy.

His books were called Block Books, each containing a riddle. To solve it, one had to concentrate all their mental energy on the puzzle. At the moment of solving, one also needed to remember all Bitcoin transactions that occurred in this world while reading the book, perfectly blending concentration and memory into psychic power to infuse into the Block Book.

He entrusted his 21 million Bitcoins to his cat. Anyone who successfully infused a Block Book with psychic power could exchange it for 50 Bitcoins from his cat.

Upon receiving the books, his cat would stack them one by one towards the sky, forming a tower of Block Books that grew closer to the real world. Those outside the library mistook this tower for a bridge, hence dubbing it the "blockchain" by mistake.

Satoshi's cat was stubborn, not even he could retrieve Bitcoins without offering a Block Book.

Satoshi explained to the newcomers how to solve the riddles of the first few Block Books, demonstrating how to infuse them with psychic power and successfully exchange them for 50 Bitcoins from his cat.

His cat began to stack the Block Books, constructing a passage to the real world. The first Block Book infused with Satoshi's psychic power was called the Genesis Block Book.

As everyone became familiar with the process, visitors to the library could start infusing the Block Books with their psychic energy. Everyone saw the same Block Book at the same time, solving the same puzzle. Whoever solved it first, and then wrote down all the Bitcoin transactions that happened worldwide during their reading session, infusing the book with concentration and memory, could exchange it for Bitcoins with Satoshi's cat.

Initially, everyone was engrossed in the joy of solving puzzles, not coveting Bitcoins since it was currency from the real world and seemingly useless here. But then, someone traded 10,000 Bitcoins for a pizza when they got hungry, revealing that Bitcoins could also be exchanged for items in this world. After this transaction, people outside heard about the real-world currency available here, eager to see it for themselves and collect a few, thus exchanging various items with those inside the library, and the population inside grew.

Eventually, the situation spiraled out of control as everyone rushed to solve the puzzles for Bitcoins. Some stopped using pens and secretly used calculators, discovering that calculators could also channel psychic power in our matrix world, a form of energy Satoshi needed. Then, seeing calculators in use, some brought in computers; others, finding computers insufficient, pulled out GPUs; some secluded themselves and developed ASICs, outperforming everyone else and were dubbed "miners" by those outside. Yet, none surpassed those with high IQs, strong mental arithmetic skills, and a photographic memory, who could solve puzzles with their minds, like William Sherlock Scott Holmes and Jade Zhong. With the emergence of such masters, the speed of psychic energy infusion into the Block Books significantly increased.

However, all this was within Satoshi's design for safety; he ensured each book's psychic energy was stable. Time was a crucial factor in the real world, so he set a time threshold—2140. He established an average infusion time of 10 minutes per Block Book. Every 2016 books, the average puzzle-solving time was checked—if too many people with strong psychic power like Jade Zhong existed at the same time, the puzzle's difficulty would increase; if there were too many experts, the puzzle would simplify to basic arithmetic. This ensured the average time to infuse each Block Book remained around 10 minutes, guaranteeing the steady growth of the psychic energy Block Book tower until 2140.

As more people entered the library, hidden masters from this world joined in. Ordinary people, to compete with these hidden masters, had to form numerous organizations, winning Bitcoins based on the size of their psychic contributions. This is what outsiders referred to as major mining organizations—or mining pools.

Bitcoin's influence in the world is growing stronger, and the variety of items it can be exchanged for is increasing. Consequently, people's demand for Bitcoin is also rising. The 21 million Bitcoin reward will not last until 2140 due to the increase in global Bitcoin transaction records, which equates to an increase in the consumption of memory for those injecting spiritual energy. Thus, Satoshi Nakamoto set a rule that every 210,000 blocks, the Bitcoin reward would be halved. This, along with the dynamic difficulty adjustment for each block, which takes about 10 minutes, ensures that the 21 million Bitcoins will last until 2140, or block number 6,930,000. Satoshi also mandated that every person using Bitcoin in this world must pay a small amount of Bitcoin for each transaction to his cat, to provide additional payment to those offering spiritual energy. This way, even after 2140, the block chain can continue to exist, serving as his gift to the world.

The taller the stack of block books, the stronger and more stable the overall spiritual energy of the blockchain becomes. Satoshi's cat is powerful enough to be nearly impossible to deceive. However, the top few books, being the most recently added, are not as stable. If you are a master possessing more than 51% of the total spiritual energy of all masters and organizations in the library, you might still have a chance to deceive Satoshi's cat and alter the Bitcoin transaction records within the block books. But this is limited to within six books; beyond that, it becomes impossible for anyone in the world. Moreover, if you are such a supreme master, you could easily earn Bitcoin rewards through other means, so there would be no need to tamper with the records.

Since the establishment of Satoshi Nakamoto's library in the Matrix world on November 1, 2008, and the injection of spirit into the genesis block book on January 3, 2009, it has been 15 years. During these fifteen years, the library has been attacked, Satoshi has been impersonated, and Satoshi's cat has been deceived. People have come and gone, bustling with activity, and many interesting events have occurred, along with numerous mysteries and connections. The only certainty is the towering stack of our spiritual energy in the form of block books, and that indomitable cat.

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